Strolling around at postcrossing and randomly picking a profile from Japan Postcrosser…I found out that she is also Arashi’s fan!

Oooooooh… Ureshii! I sent her a message right away to ask if she wants to exchange postcard/letter with me. And she’s OK with that 😀

And then, I watched Aiba’s journey to Bhutan. It makes me wanna go there.. but but but it’s not easy to get there. Every tourist have to be guided and get formal invitation to go there (from Bhutan people, or to get easier from formal institution there). But it’s so interesting! Where can I get in touch with people from Bhutan?


Yeah, so I sent a message to the most active postcrosser from Bhutan, wondering if he can send me a postcard (Bhutan Postcrosser are only three person~). He replied and ask for my address.


Since my ordinary life is back (fangirling, doing house chorus because Asisten Rumah Tangga ain’t coming back) I need more postcards to makes me happy. As long as there are postcards to wait, I don’t mind if Putri Yang Tertukar will be aired on TV until Nikita Willy has her own children in real life.


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