Dear Himitsu no Arashi Chan’s staff. Please make a new format where Arashi’s fans can be the guest. I want to be the special guest for VIP Room or Mannequin 5. Or both. I want us (Arashi and I) have good time speaking in english like Hasegawa Jun did. If you read this, please, please… Make my dreams come true. I have so many questions for them. I already prepared the impression for them, my imagination is as good as Becky’s. Maybe wilder. I really wanna do many things with Arashi, MANY THINGS.

Dear Mr. Johnny, please make some Johnny’s concert in Jakarta, Indonesia. Bring Arashi here! Make it small stage so the audience can see them closer.

Dear Sakurai Sho, maneh kasep pisan siah aing meuni hayang nyiwit jeung hayang ngalamar maneh!


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